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Bedroom furnishings

Arte Group furnishes bedrooms for Hotels, Resorts, any type of Residence, Holiday Homes, Leisure Sites, B.& B. and Residential Homes too. Starting from the study of the project we forecast the costs, proceed to the production including assembly, thus delivering the whole room complete with all details.

Hotel Bedrooms

Arte Group offers a wide range of bedrooms solutions, convenient and functional. Variations of existing bedrooms can be carried out; be in sizes or finishings or by adding or taking off various elements thus rendering the final bedroom even more functional and comfortable. Few examples of possible variations:

  • Enlarging of head-beds to hide cables, pipes or plugs
  • Head-beds upholstered either with leather effect or fabric
  • Wardrobes in various sizes and shapes
  • Writing desks in various sizes and shapes with drawer or fridge cabinet
  • Bedrooms with single bed, joining or double
  • Beds with slatted bed frames or approved Sommier upholstered with leather effect or fabric
  • Furniture suitable for single bedrooms, double o triple
  • Various solutions of furniture for very small rooms.