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furnishing supply hotellerie

Hotel guests are in constant evolution and more and more ‘technological’ and
‘inter-connected’. Hence these new requirements change the behavior and the needs in a room. With this introduction we turn our eyes to the hotel sector and put forward our furnishing solutions.

Shower – Plates

The shower-plate FLAT is manufactured in Casting Resin with a stony effect 3 cm/h. It can be fitted alongside the wall or above pavement and can be cut to measure on site as it is installed. Peculiarity of it: it can be cut down from a size of 250 cm allowing the cutting out of square in order to fit all available space.

Shower – Box

Shower-box and partitions: the quality of the materials guarantee
the highest safety. Tempered glass of 6 and 8 mm
ensure utmost mechanical and thermic shock resistance.



Indirect lighting. Beveled shiny edge to measure

Mirrors with a satin frame and an indirect lighting in all possible forms are much requested. The lighting take place through a STRIP of LED (power of 3200K or 6000K). Mass produced mirrors have 10 years warranty; they have a hydro-repellent frame, safety net MACBACK 7000 against breaking and heating device against tarnishing.


The wash-basins made of Corian® heightens the value of the bath-room design and they can satisfy all your imaginations and fancy.

Countertop Basins

As for the interior design,
the bath-room design gives an opportunity
to create an unique style.

Build-in Basins

Top solid mat. wash-basins vanity units, aluminium units.

The quest of design and new solutions let us to develop new moulds in various forms and thickness hardly possible in baked clay (ceramic). The usage of such moulds gives the possibility of producing custom-made basins with easy cleaning and having a long lasting life. This new innovatory material with a typical ‘soft touch’ effect and the beauty of a natural stone is called

CRISTALPLANT® . Made, the most part of it, of compound minerals such as aluminium THRYDATES (aluminium based material). It is used by the most famous international Designers for bath furnishings, for high technical usages such dentist equipment, trays, working tops, ship building field, hotels and furnishing material

Round metal basins frames

These supports for bath-room furnishings have an elegant design which can suit any space, be modern or traditional. Perfect to guarantee best results in a bath-room. The basin is held by a metal frame either chromed or coloured and is also suitable to hang your towels, hence helping to keep tidy your bath-room.


Gress Washbasins

Porcelain-Gres is one of the most used and widespread material all over the world. The reason is very obvious: it is simply an extraordinary material. One of the many advantages is that, through modern technology, it can imitate surfaces such parquet, stones and marbles.Between the many strengths of the Porcelain-Gres it is worth to note:
 – Versatility and a huge range of styles and coulours –
Resistance against knocks, humidity and abrasions –
 – Easy cleaning of plain surfaces and cracks and resistance against chemical agents –


To have a bath in the middle of the room –as to have a modern basin- this dream has been achieved. These baths are manufactured in Top Solid Acryl, a first rate high technical material.

Sanitary Equipment

The sanitary equipment in a bath-room are essential elements available in various styles, positioned on the floor, hanging or as an integrated block in contemporary or classic style.

Water taps